Signal Fires by Dani Shapiro (Signed)
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Signal Fires by Dani Shapiro (Signed)

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Paperback - bookplated

Two families. One night. A constellation of lives changed forever.

When retired doctor Ben Wilf comes across ten-year-old Waldo Shenkman in the middle of the night under Division Street's old oak tree, he is treated to an unexpected and magical tour of the stars. But this is not the first time the boy and old man have met. In fact, they go way back, to the night of Waldo's birth, and further still.

Secrets preside over the neighbourhood along with the majestic oak. One night in particular has been kept buried. Following it, the Wilfs -- parents and children -- change and grow, but each is haunted by what they choose to forget.

Then the young Shenkmans move in across the street: a couple with their own secrets and a lonely, brilliant son who is captivated by the night sky. As their stories collide in ways they never could have imagined, the past comes hurtling back to Division Street, setting in motion a spellbinding chain of events that will transform both families forever. Signal Fires is an exquisite portrait of two families, and a testament to the human capacity to experience love and loss.

With wry tenderness it shows how we are all connected through time in ways that are at once beautiful, mysterious, profound and full of hope.