PRE-ORDER Cold Earth by Sarah Moss (Signed)
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PRE-ORDER Cold Earth by Sarah Moss (Signed)

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This title is from an author attending the Charleston Literary Festival 2022 which is running from Thursday 19th May to Sunday 29th May. Tickets for all events can be found on the Charleston website.

If you are attending the event, you will be able to buy books by the featured authors at our festival bookshop however if you can't make it, get your pre-orders in now!

***Charleston pre-orders will be shipped at the end of May once the festival is over. If you place a pre-order alongside a title we have in stock, they will be shipped separately and you will be charged accordingly at checkout***


On the west coast of Greenland, a team of archaeologists searching for traces of lost Viking settlements receives news of a pandemic back home. As the Arctic winter approaches, their communications with the outside world fall away and they are left fighting for survival.