One Garden Against the World by Kate Bradbury (Signed)
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One Garden Against the World by Kate Bradbury (Signed)

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Five years after writing her first nature memoir, The Bumblebee Flies Anyway, Kate Bradbury has a new garden. It’s busy: home to all sorts of wildlife, from red mason bees and bumblebees to house sparrows, hedgehogs and dragonflies. It seems the entire frog population of Brighton and Hove breeds in her small pond each spring, and now there are toads here, too.

On summer evenings, Kate watches bats flit above her and for a moment, everything seems alright with the world. But she knows habitat loss remains a huge issue in gardens, the wider countryside and worldwide, and there’s another, far bigger threat: climate change. Temperature increases are starting to bite, and she worries about what that will mean for our wildlife.

In her uplifting new book, Kate writes passionately about how her climate-change anxiety pushes her to look for positive ways to keep going in a changing world. As in her first memoir, she invites you into her life, sharing stories of her mum’s ongoing recovery and her adventures with her new rescue dog, Tosca. One Garden Against the World is a call to action for all of us – gardeners, communities and individuals – to do more for wildlife and more for the climate.

Climate change and biodiversity loss go hand in hand, but if we work together, it’s never too late to make a difference.