If You Don’t Run They Can’t Chase You by Neil Findlay (Signed)
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If You Don’t Run They Can’t Chase You by Neil Findlay (Signed)

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It would be easy to despair at the state of the world today. But we must not. Indeed, we cannot.

In this book Neil Findlay brings together first-hand testimony from people who have played crucial roles in social justice campaigns. Their stories are personal, political and unforgettable. They say a lot about dignity, integrity, courage and humanity.

We can apply what we learn from them to build a sustainable and fair society for generations to come. Activists, social justice campaigners, trade unionists and environmentalists will find this collection inspirational, emotional and educational. And they will understand why it is titled If You Don't Run, They Can't Chase You.

With contributions from 'Andrea', Margaret Aspinall, Alex Bennett, Brian Filling, Maria Fyfe, Elaine Holmes, Mark Lyon, Alistair Mackie, Olive McIlroy, Tony Nelson, Paul Quigley, Terry Renshaw, Dennis Skinner, Dave Smith, Jim Swan, Louise Taggart and Yvette Williams. We must examine the campaigns and struggles people have gone through, listen to their stories, study their actions and in turn look at the world now, and apply what we have learnt.