Everyday Magic by Jess Kidd (Signed)
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Everyday Magic by Jess Kidd (Signed)

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Paperback - bookplated

Welcome to Little Snoddington, where nothing is normal and every day is magic . . . 

Nine-year-old Alfie Blackstack's parents have met a very unfortunate end. Now he's living in the SUPER CREEPY Switherbroom Hall with his mad-haired Aunt Gertie and warty Aunt Zita. The thing is, Alfie's aunts aren't just weird - they're WITCHES!When the circus arrives in town Alfie makes his first ever friend, the FEARLESS Calypso Fagan.

But when Calypso's little sister Nova disappears, they must face the TERRIFYING Head Witch in a race to find Nova and stop the next Witch War.