Rafael Behr & Rob Burley

Rafael and Rob will be talking about their new books; 'Politics: A Survivor’s Guide' and 'Why Is This Lying Ba****d Lying to Me?'

Behr and Burley will be in conversation with Ayesha Hazanka, political commentator and broadcaster, and former special adviser to Gordon Brown, Harriet Harman and Ed Miliband..


Wednesday 24th April at 7pm

Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham, BN43 5EG


Politics: A Survivor’s Guide : How to Stay Engaged without Getting Enraged by Rafael Behr 

"We live in an age of fury and confusion. A new crisis erupts before the last one has finished: financial crisis, Brexit, pandemic, war in Ukraine, inflation, strikes. Prime Ministers come and go but politics stays divided and toxic.

It is tempting to switch off the news, tune out and hope things will get back to normal. Except, this is the new normal, and our democracy can only work if enough people stay engaged without getting enraged. But how? To answer that question, award-winning journalist Rafael Behr takes the reader on a personal journey from despair at the state of politics to hope that there is a better way of doing things, with insights drawn from three decades as a political commentator and foreign correspondent."

Why Is This Lying Bastard Lying to Me?: Searching for the Truth on Political Tv by Rob Burley 
"A deliciously irreverent and humorous insider's account of 25 years working at the very top of British political television.
Why Is This Lying Bastard Lying to Me? - a question famously asked by master TV inquisitor Jeremy Paxman - is a history of thirty years in British politics viewed through the prism of political television, from Thatcher's fall to the crash and burn of Liz Truss, via the Iraq War, austerity, Brexit and Partygate. Rob Burley's deliciously irreverent insider's account of a career spent trying to get straight answers from politicians offers a unique insight into the British political class and their complicated relationship with the truth.
Rob Burley has prepared, practised and helped prosecute political interviews with eight prime ministers over more than twenty-five years, working alongside the biggest names in television. This book is his love letter to the political interview and, with the help of exclusive conversations with TV giants from Jeremy Paxman and Andrew Neil to Andrew Marr and Emily Maitlis, will take you inside the process like never before."