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Helena Kennedy is one of Britain’s most distinguished lawyers. She has spent her professional life giving voice to those who have least power within the system, championing civil liberties and promoting human rights.Helena Kennedy c Alister Thorpe

She has used many public platforms – including the House of Lords, to which she was elevated in 1997 – to argue with passion, wit and humanity for social justice. She has also written and broadcast on a wide range of issues, from medical negligence to terrorism to the rights of women and children.

In Eve Was Shamed Helena Kennedy forensically examines the pressing new evidence that women are still being routinely discriminated against throughout the legal system, from the High Court (where only 21% of judges are women) to female prisons (where 84% of inmates are held for non-violent offences despite the refrain that prison should only be used for violent or serious crime). In between are the so-called ‘lifestyle’ choices of the Rotherham girls; the failings of the current rules on excluding victims’ sexual history from rape trials; battered wives being asked why they don’t ‘just leave’ their partners; the way statistics hide the double discrimination experienced by BAME and disabled women; the failure to prosecute cases of female genital mutilation… the list goes on.
The law holds up a mirror to society and it is failing women. So what comes next? How do we codify what we’ve learned? In this richly detailed and shocking book, one of our most eminent human rights thinkers and practitioners shows with force and fury that change for women must start at the heart of what makes society just.


Two women a week are killed by a spouse or partner.
Every seven minutes a woman is raped.
The police receive one phone call per minute concerning domestic violence.
New technology has enabled the unprecedented proliferation of pornography.
Women and children are being trafficked on an industrial scale.

None of this points to a world that is a woman’s oyster.

The #MeToo campaign is a response to law’s failure to secure justice for women.

Now is the time for change.

Helena Kennedy c Alister Thorpe


“Helena Kennedy has written a chilling exposé of how the law has historically failed women. Taking no prisoners, Kennedy outlines the damage we must undo, and the changes we must make. Eve was Shamed is a necessary book for the #MeToo era” (Amanda Foreman)

“Passionate and persuasive proof that equal justice is an ideal yet to be achieved. Drawing upon her outstanding career at the defence Bar and of leading reform in Parliament, Helena Kennedy eloquently urges an end to the discrimination and dehumanisation that women suffer in the courts, and in their lives” (Geoffrey Robertson QC)


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