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Our literary events provide an opportunity to listen to some great authors.

During these relaxed evenings you will have the chance to pose questions to the guest and purchase signed first editions at reduced price.



in conversation with SALI HUGHES

The long-awaited sequel to the cult debut ‘Kill Your Friends’ confirms John Niven as our finest comic satirist

 John Niven is the author of the novella ‘Music from Big Pink’ and the novels ‘Kill Your Friends’, ‘The Amateurs’, ‘The Second Coming’, ‘Cold Hands’, ‘Straight White Mail’, ‘The Sunshine Cruise Company’ and ‘No Good Deed’.

It is 2017 – the time of Trump, Brexit and fake news. And time for the return of Steven Stelfox, exactly twenty years on from his Britpop heyday. Now forty-seven and rich beyond the dreams of avarice, Stelfox works only occasionally as a music industry ‘consultant’. A fixer. A problemKill em all solver. He’s had a call from his old friend James Trellick, president of one of the largest record companies in America. Trellick has a huge headache on his hands in the shape of …

Lucius Du Pre. The biggest pop star on earth. Well, once the biggest pop star on earth. Now he’s a helpless junkie and a prolific, unrepentant sexual predator. Through a programme of debt restructuring so complex even Trellick can barely understand it, Du Pre is massively in hock to the record company. The only way he can possibly pay it off is to embark on a worldwide comeback tour he’s in no shape to do. The picture is further complicated when the parents of one of Du Pre’s ‘special friends’ begin blackmailing him.

Enter Stelfox stage right. With stealth and cunning he begins to chart a road out of the nightmare and to make a killing in the process. For this age of ‘American carnage’ – of populism, of the lowest common denominator, of the Big Lie – is truly Stelfox’s time to shine. But in this time of uncertainty, nothing is a given.

Sali Hughes is resident beauty columnist for Guardian Weekend magazine and a features and comment writer for a range of magazines. She is also a weekly contributor to BBC radio 5 live.

Standard ticket: £22 (includes copy of the book, RRP £16.99) available from CITY BOOKS in Hove (in store or over the phone) and the RIALTO THEATRE online

Two tickets one book option: £30 (only available from CITY BOOKS, get in touch for more details)


There’s nothing faster, sadder or funnier than John Niven on men.’  Caitlin Moran

‘John Niven understands our era better than almost anyone. Douglas Coupland


7.00p.m. WEDNESDAY 3rd OCTOBER 2018


11 Dyke Rd, Brighton BN1 3FE

Tickets (£22.00/£30 for two) include a copy of Kill ‘Em All (rrp £16.99)

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A Comedian’s Take on What Makes Us Human 



As a connoisseur of comedy, Robin Ince, stand-up comedian and presenter of  Radio Four’s The Infinite Monkey Cage, has spent decades mining our eccentricities to create gags – and watching other strange individuals do the same. And for years he has sought – sometimes in vain – to understand the world around us. In this book, he unites these pursuits to examine the human condition through the prism of humour.


Why do we make the choices we do in life? Where does anxiety come from? Where does imagination come from? Why are we like we are? Do our parents f*&k us up? Informed by personal insights from his own life as well as interviews with a bevy of A-list comedians, neuroscientists, psychologists and doctors – this is a hilarious and often moving primer to the mind. 



7.00p.m. TUESDAY 23rd OCTOBER 2018


Little High Street, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, BN43 5EG

Tickets (£8.00) are available from



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In Conversation with Caroline Lucas MP

In Eve Was Shamed Helena Kennedy forensically examines the pressing new evidence that women are still being routinely discriminated against Eve was shamedthroughout the legal system, from the High Court (where only 21% of judges are women) to female prisons (where 84% of inmates are held for non-violent offences despite the refrain that prison should only be used for violent or serious crime). In between are the so-called ‘lifestyle’ choices of the Rotherham girls; the failings of the current rules on excluding victims’ sexual history from rape trials; battered wives being asked why they don’t ‘just leave’ their partners; the way statistics hide the double discrimination experienced by BAME and disabled women; the failure to prosecute cases of female genital mutilation… the list goes on.
The law holds up a mirror to society and it is failing women. So what comes next? How do we codify what we’ve learned? In this richly detailed and shocking book, one of our most eminent human rights thinkers and practitioners shows with force and fury that change for women must start at the heart of what makes society just.


Two women a week are killed by a spouse or partner.
Every seven minutes a woman is raped.
The police receive one phone call per minute concerning domestic violence.
New technology has enabled the unprecedented proliferation of pornography.
Women and children are being trafficked on an industrial scale.

None of this points to a world that is a woman’s oyster.

The #MeToo campaign is a response to law’s failure to secure justice for women.

Now is the time for change.

Helena Kennedy c Alister Thorpe


“Helena Kennedy has written a chilling exposé of how the law has historically failed women. Taking no prisoners, Kennedy outlines the damage we must undo, and the changes we must make. Eve was Shamed is a necessary book for the #MeToo era” (Amanda Foreman)

“Passionate and persuasive proof that equal justice is an ideal yet to be achieved. Drawing upon her outstanding career at the defence Bar and of leading reform in Parliament, Helena Kennedy eloquently urges an end to the discrimination and dehumanisation that women suffer in the courts, and in their lives” (Geoffrey Robertson QC)


7.00p.m. Thursday 18th October 2018


North Road, Brighton BN1 1YD

Tickets (£8.00) from CITY BOOKS

Tel: 01273 725306 info@city-books.co.uk







As one of Lord Sugar’s closest advisers, Nick Hewer came late to wider public attention when he was recruited to work with him on The Apprentice, joining from the first series that aired in 2005 and staying with the show for ten seasons. He quickly developed a reputation for his wry sense of humour, while his astute insights into the foibles and failings of the apprentices won him a cult following.

Now, in Hewer’s first book, he takes us through his life from A for Apprentice (of course) to Z for Zed list. Along the way, he discusses determination and how to get it, offers insights from growing old, reveals his greatest regrets, talks about Tottenham and much else besides. There are chapters on frights, nicotine, the Queen and even one on underwear! Equally at home on Question Time or Have I Got News For You, in the boardroom or chatting to a Mongolian policeman, Hewer shows himself to be a natural writer, too.

7.00p.m. TUESDAY 30th OCTOBER 2018


Little High Street, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, BN43 5EG

Tickets (£8.00) are available from



Tel: 01273 464440



The new novel from the Orange Prize winner and international bestselling writer

2016 Vineland   Meet Willa Knox, a woman who stands braced against an upended world that seems to hold no mercy for her shattered life and family – or Unshelteredthe crumbling house that contains them.

1871 Vineland   Thatcher Greenwood, the new science teacher, is a fervent advocate of the work of Charles Darwin, and he is keen to communicate his ideas to his students. But those in power in Thatcher’s small town have no desire for a new world order. Thatcher and his teachings are not welcome. . Both Willa and Thatcher resist the prevailing logic. Both are asked to pay a high price for their courage. From some storms no shelter is possible.

A testament to both the resilience and persistent myopia of the human condition, Unsheltered explores the foundations we build in life, spanning time and place, to give us all a clearer look at those around us and perhaps ourselves. Examining the theme of inheritance – whether social, economic or ecological – it blends warmth and wisdom, fearlessness and political acuity: a novel that speaks truly to our times.

Barbara Kingsolver: ‘We’re living through a scary historical moment when the most basic agreements about who we are as citizens, and how we’ll succeed in the world, are suddenly unravelling. It isn’t the first time. People are such interesting animals. Unsheltered speaks to these moments, and uses the lens of unravellings past to ask where we might be headed.’

Barbara Kingsolver’s previous fourteen works of fiction and non-fiction have been translated into many languages and earned a devoted readership. Her novel The Poisonwood Bible was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and the Orange Prize, before being named an Oprah Book Club selection. She won the Orange Prize for The Lacuna and her novel Flight Behaviour was shortlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction. In 2000 she was awarded the National Humanities Medal, her country’s highest honour for service through the arts. Before she made her living as a writer, Kingsolver earned degrees in biology and worked as a scientist. She has lived in England, France and the Canary Islands, and has worked in Europe, Africa, Asia, Mexico and South America. She now lives with her family on a farm in southern Appalachia.

Barbara Kingsolver - credit David Wood


..7.00p.m. TUESDAY 13th NOVEMBER 2018


Victoria Road, Brighton BN1 3BD

Tickets (£8.00) are available from




Credit David Wood



QI : 2024 FACTS TO STOP YOU IN YOUR TRACKSA Quite Interesting Evening

A bumper final edition of the most surprising, amazing, and hilarious facts on the planet from the clever-clogs at QI.

 Don’t miss this eye-popping, gob-smacking, jaw-dropping (and quite-interesting) event.QI 2024

The cult TV show QI is now revving up for its 19th year on BBC2. In the past 11 years, their spin-off books have sold over 3.5 million copies. The latest, seventh book in the series – 2,024 QI Facts To Stop You In Your Tracks – brings the grand total of QI facts up to a staggering 10,000.

Join the three writers, James Harkin (star of worldwide hit podcast No Such Thing As A Fish) Anne Miller (producer R4’s The Museum of Curiosity) and John Lloyd (Blackadder, Spitting Image, Not The Nine O’Clock News) for an evening of astonishing info and merry laughter.

John, James and Anne photo

‘A fantastic collection of pithy conversation-starting facts.’ (Charlie Higson)

‘Intriguing, hilarious and downright surprising little nuggets of information.’ (Mirror)

‘Fascinating … The answers to the questions you never even thought to ask.’ (Mail)

7.00p.m. THURSDAY 22nd NOVEMBER 2018


Little High Street, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, BN43 5EG

Tickets (£8.00) are available from



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MATT HAIG Signed copies


Notes on a Nervous Planet is a personal look at how to feel happy, human and whole in the 21st century.

Notes Nervous

The world is messing with our minds.


How do we stay human in a technological world? How do we feel happy when we are encouraged to be anxious? How can we stay sane on a planet that makes us mad?


After experiencing years of anxiety and panic attacks, these questions became urgent matters of life and death for Matt Haig and he began to look for the link between what he felt and the world around him.

Rates of stress and anxiety are rising. A fast, nervous planet is creating fast and nervous lives. We are more connected and yet feel more alone. And we are encouraged to worry about everything from world politics to our body mass index.Matt Haig by Ken Railey

Matt Haig is the author of Reasons to Stay Alive and six highly acclaimed novels for adults, including How to Stop Time, The Humans and The Radleys. As a writer for children and young adults, he has won the Blue Peter Book Award, the Smarties Book Prize and been shortlisted three times for the Carnegie Medal. His work has been translated into more than 40 languages.

SHIRLEY COLLINS signed copies available



Reflections on Life, Landscape, and Song

Shirley Collins is a legendary singer, folklorist, and music historian. In her new memoir ‘All in the Downs’ she tells the story of Shirley Collins coverher lifelong relationship with English folk song and the dedication to artistic integrity that has guided her through the triumphs and tragedies of her life. Shirley is the president of the English Folk Dance and Song Society in London. Her critically lauded album Lodestar, released in 2016, marked a triumphant return to performance after a thirty-year absence.

Sussex born Shirley grew up near Hastings with her sister Dolly in a family rooted in traditional music. Songs learnt from their grandfather and from their mother’s sister, Grace Winborn, were to be important in the sisters’ repertoire throughout their career.

She was awarded a Gold Badge by the English Folk Dance and Song Society in 2004 and the MBE for services to music in the 2007.

In 2008 she was she was elected as president of the English Folk Dance and Song Society  and received the “Good Tradition” award at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.

Shirley Collins is currently patron of the South East Folk Arts Network and Folk South West.

A film about her life, The Ballad of Shirley Collins, was released in October 2017.

‘One of England’s greatest cultural treasures’ Billy Bragg

RUTH WARE Order Signed Copies


The brand new psychological thriller from the Sunday Times and N.Y. Times bestselling author of ‘The Woman in Cabin 10’

Death of Mrs


We are taking orders for signed copies.

Email or phone us to secure your copy.


When Harriet Westaway receives an unexpected letter telling her she’s inherited a substantial bequest from her Cornish grandmother, it seems like the answer to her prayers. She owes money to a loan shark and the threats are getting increasingly aggressive: she needs to get her hands on some

£12.99 when collecting from City Books  £15.00 including postage to UK addresses. 

International including postage  £26.00 South Africa & USA      £22.00 Rest of Europe

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Ruth Ware


NDABA MANDELA Signed copies


 Nelson Mandela’s life through the eyes of a child who was raised by him

‘Going to the Mountain’ is the story of Ndaba Mandela’s unforgettable time growing up with, and learning from, one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen: his grandfather, Nelson Mandela.

Going to the Mountain jacket

In a story that has never been told, ‘Going to the Mountain’ tells the tale of how Nelson Mandela steered his grandson Ndaba from his reckless youth (skipping school, fighting in gangs) to his maturation into a fully realised and principled adulthood. Often as a single parent in his years after imprisonment and through his landmark presidency of South Africa. On a scale both intimate and epic, the book details the gripping arc of Ndaba’s own extraordinary journey, which mirrors that of South Africa’s, from the segregated Soweto ghettos into which he was born, to the presidential mansion in which he grew up, and the challenged times in which he lives now.

Embedded deeply throughout are the rich tribal wisdom and folktales of Nelson Mandela’s Xhosa tribe, which he adored sharing with his grandson–and which influenced both men throughout their lives and helped change the world. Going to the Mountain vividly illustrates the important life lessons Nelson taught his grandson about freedom, forgiveness, leadership, education and self-discipline, strength of body and spirit, integrity and responsibility, respect for oneself and others, resistance in the right ways, times and places, passion for life and purpose, and peace. People have asked Ndaba for years to write his remarkable story in a book..

Ndaba Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela, is in Toronto to share his grandfather's story of hope and youth empowerment at a gala event, June 30th.

Now, with the approach of Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday in July 2018, and global momentum building around the occasion and his foundation’s efforts, Ndaba is being embraced by an extraordinary network of supporters–and he feels ready. It is, at day’s end, a message of unlocking the power within each of us–the cautionary tale of a life that could go one way or the other, depending upon the intervention of a caring soul; and the ability, and awesome power, of an individual life to serve as a catalyst for change.                                                                                                                    


7.00p.m. TUESDAY 3rd JULY 2018


Little High Street, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, BN43 5EG

Tickets (£8.00) are available from



Tel: 01273 464440